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Plumbing and Heating


We offer full design and installation of hot and cold water services to Domestic, residential and commercial properties including:

  • Hot water storage and circulation
  • Hot water thermostatic control to comply with current regulations
  • Cold water distribution, storage, filtration and sterilization.

Above ground drain services design and install including:

  • Soil and vent systems
  • Waste both natural and pumped services.


We offer full design, installation, control and compliance to current gas safe/oftec regulations to all heating services on domestic, residential and commercial properties including:

  • Gas boilers from 10kw to 250kw 
  • Gas boiler rig systems where individual small kw boilers are connected to each other to serve large properties.
  • Heating distribution pipework in all materials and all types of jointing systems inc crimped, soldered and plastic jointed.
  • Oil boilers up to 75kw including oil tank installations
  • System cleansing (powerflushing), system control and resolution of system faults/circulation problems.
  • Service, repairs, fault finding, commissioning and safety certification of all gas and oil heating boilers/systems.
  • Underfloor heating systems design & installation of all sizes from individual bathrooms, whole houses to large commercial applications.
  • MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery) systems to comply with new build requirements and energy loss calculations.
  • Boilers included in heating as is underfloor heating.
  • Gas safe and oftec registered for installation, service, diagnosis and repairs.
  • LPG domestic applications.
  • Renewables.
  • Solar thermal applications.


Plumbing and Heating

We can deal with your plumbing requirements no matter how large or small. From your kitchen to your bathroom, pipes, appliances, drains, pumps, toilets and sinks.

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Gas Boilers

Are you in need of a new boiler? From installation to repair, our experienced experts are on hand. We provide combi, system and conventional boilers.

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Air Source Heating

Absorbing heat from the outside and transfering it inside, it can be used to heat radiators, warm air convectors and hot water in your home/office. Perfect for commercial environments.

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Underfloor Heating

Achieve indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conducion, radiation and convection. Perfect for your home, espeicially during those cold winter months.

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