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Calder Valley Plumbing and Heating Ltd offer a wide range of plumbing, heating and gas safe solutions. We have a great deal of experience working across a number of sectors, including Education.   

Below are some examples of projects in the education sector we have worked on in the past. 

  • Schools of all sizes
  • Training and further education centres.

Calder Valley Plumbing and Heating are a local company committed to providing excellent service to businesses in Yorkshire and Nationwide. We give our honest opinion on any project, with competitive pricing guaranteed. We work with a number of contractors and construction professionals, and are proud to say our clients are happy to recommend our company. Please see our testimonials page for more information.  contact

Plumbing and Heating

We can deal with your plumbing requirements no matter how large or small. From your kitchen to your bathroom, pipes, appliances, drains, pumps, toilets and sinks.

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Gas Boilers

Are you in need of a new boiler? From installation to repair, our experienced experts are on hand. We provide combi, system and conventional boilers.

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Air Source Heating

Absorbing heat from the outside and transfering it inside, it can be used to heat radiators, warm air convectors and hot water in your home/office. Perfect for commercial environments.

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Underfloor Heating

Achieve indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conducion, radiation and convection. Perfect for your home, espeicially during those cold winter months.

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We were introduced to CVPH in early 2014 and they have since undertaken full plumbing and heating installations on three of our bespoke new build...

One 17 design

Sowerby, Thirsk. Supply and install heating, hot/cold water and drainage to 2no 3 floor 4 bedroom detached houses. Supply and install heating,...

Mulberry Homes Yorkshire.


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